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Moveable Panel Chain Link Fence

Easy installation, affordability and flexibility to move around are just a few of the many reasons moveable chain link fences are so popular.
A panel fence can be used to secure construction sites, private property, major public events, sporting events, concerts, festivals, gatherings, domestic housing sites, animal enclosures, and for crowd control.

Windscreen / Privacy Screen

Whether you want to control dust, create boundaries, provide privacy, security for sports and other activities, Odyssey Fence Rental has the perfect solution to meet your needs. A windscreen/privacy screen is the perfect addition to your commercial and residential temporary chain link fence. Our windscreen is economical, lightweight, and easy to install.

Orange Safety Fence

Orange safety fence is perfect for construction job sites, sporting events, special events, crowd control, and public safety. Safety orange offers the perfect visual warning because of its maximum visibility. Orange safety fence, from Odyssey Fence Rental, is an economical, low-cost alternative to other temporary fences and barricades. Orange safety fence,

Silt Fence

Silt fence is used to protect the water quality of nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas, by preventing loose soil, sediment, from running off in storm water at construction sites. Silt fence is a temporary barrier made of woven fabric filter cloth that is porous enough to allow restricted water flow while holding back debris and sediment.

Water Filled Barriers

Water filled barriers from Odyssey Fence Rental are an innovative and reliable approach to traffic control, crowd control, construction site safety, and security. Durable, impact-resistant, portable, and recyclable our modular design provides options for many situations. Constructed of molded polyethylene to outlast concrete barriers,

Crowd Control Barriers

Steel crowd control barriers are temporary fencing for events where there are going to be large crowds and designated areas for people. Barricades are used at large, public gatherings such as street fairs, parades, sporting events, political rallies, music festivals, stadiums, and public demonstrations.

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