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Orange safety fence is perfect for construction job sites, sporting events, special events, crowd control, and public safety.

Safety orange offers the perfect visual warning because of its maximum visibility.

Orange safety fence, from Odyssey Fence Rental, is an economical, low-cost alternative to other temporary fences and barricades.

Our plastic fence keeps people and pets safe from prohibited areas while allowing workers to move and place it where needed. Orange fencing is perfect for any area that a temporary chain link fence is too large. For jobs or events where a fence can be in your way, an easy to move orange safety fence is your solution.

Our plastic mesh fencing is lightweight, easy to install, and customizable to any size, perfect for any do-it-yourselfer.

Made from high strength, molded, UV protected polypropylene, our plastic fence is strong, flexible, tear-resistant, and weather resistant. Sold in 4' x 100' rolls, orange safety fence from Odyssey Fence Rental is durable and requires very little maintenance.

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